ExpressionEngine Development

ExpressionEngine is a Content Management System(CMS) that I’ve used since 2008 to build websites for corporations and marketing agencies. It’s a very flexible and customizable tool for building websites that are easy to manage and keep up-to-date.

What’s so great about ExpressionEngine?


You can look at some websites and tell that it was built in a certain CMS because of the generic layout many sites use. There are enough constraints from HTML and CSS. Why would you want to use a CMS that adds even more hurdles to work around? ExpressionEngine gives you a blank slate by default, so you can choose whatever design and structure works for your specific project.

Custom Fields

A big text box just doesn’t work for some types of content. A realty site for instance will need to list homes that have property details, prices, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, garage size, property type, property status, house size, lot size, etc. and that can be a pain to manage in some content management systems but ExpressionEngine can handle complex content structures natively, making it a breeze to keep things organized and easy to manage.

Professional Support

ExpressionEngine is developed by EllisLab. That means there is a dedicated team creating new functionality and squashing bugs. They originally created CodeIgniter, a widely used PHP framework that ExpressionEngine is built on, so they know their stuff.


ExpressionEngine excels at taming complex content and making it easy to manage. For medium to large websites, it’s the perfect tool to use for your business.

If you are starting from scratch with a custom design I’d definitely recommend ExpressionEngine. Or, if you have a small budget, short timeline, don’t mind starting from a theme or just need a smaller site, brochure site or blog I recommend WordPress which may be a better fit.